October 25, 2007

A few of my favorite things

1. My Muji shopping bag. It rolls up and snaps into its own pocket, and it's gone everywhere with me since I bought it over 5 years ago.

2. Ikea fluorescent lightbulbs. They're cheap (2 for $8.99!), give off warm light, and have a glass cover shaped like an incandescent bulb. What more could you ask? Well, maybe that someone figure out how to recycle them...

3. My recycled bike tire wallet. The materials cost me $0, and it looks nicely industrial and gothy -- and it's lasted me 3 years and still going strong. I promise to start making them for real soon!

4. Corn plastic. It makes beautiful matte, sturdy picnic utensils -- and they're biodegradable.

5. Bikes. Especially European city bikes. With fenders, a covered chain, a rack over the back wheel, and an upright posture, this is definitely the classiest way to pedal.

6. Flea markets and greenmarkets. Shopping? Outdoors? For vintage or locally grown things? I'm so there.


mcnibblet said...

I keep buying new Whole Food green bags to take home my groceries, but then I lose them! I guess they'll degrade wherever they are. Also, I reuse the shrinking number of store-given plastic bags by scooping cat poop in them. I guess it'd be better if I just recycled the bags and composted the poop, but I don't have compost space and I'm not sure who will take my bags.

titania said...

Whole Foods will take back your plastic bags for recycling, and you could flush the cat poop down the toilet... but that still doesn't solve the problem of what to do with the kitty litter. Sculpture? Compost? Yard waste? SF ingeniously provides a green recycling bin for yard waste, with a tiny green bin inside meant for food waste, so that you don't have to start your own compost. sfenvironment.org has a handy sidebar on how to dispose of common household goods.