October 25, 2007

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This is definitely the new Fast Food Nation: an insightful, heavily researched look into where our food comes from. Michael Pollan, a foodie in the best sense of the word, invites you to take your own conclusions from his book, but decides for himself that it's okay to eat meat as long as you're careful about where it comes from. It's a bigger responsibility than many consumers will want to shoulder, but eating responsibly, as Pollan ably demonstrates, can go a long way towards improving the state of our environment.

On eating organic: "Shopping at Whole Foods is a literary experience, too. That's not to take away from the food, which is generally of high quality, much of it 'certified organic' or 'humanely raised' or 'free range.' But right there, that's the point: It's the evocative prose as much as anything else that makes this food really special, elevating an egg or chicken breast or bag of arugula... into a much headier experience, one with complex aesthetic, emotional, and even political dimensions."

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