December 12, 2010

End of an era

Just wanted to take a minute to add my voice to the many mourning the firing of Julie Gilhart from her post as women's fashion director at Barneys. Though I haven't met her, I've seen her speak, and found her to be incredibly well-informed and practical-minded, as well as passionate about sustainability in fashion. Along with her boss, Judy Collinson, she's long been the heart and soul of the innovative women's selection at Barneys, a major supporter of up-and-coming designers, and on her own, she's been a leader of the sustainable fashion movement, creating special eco-collaborations with Stella McCartney and Loomstate, among others. Gilhart will undoubtedly continue to do amazing things away from Barneys, but word from the inside says it remains to be seen how the store will survive without the two people who led its women's department and cultivated personal relationships with the designers they carried.

Photo of Gilhart speaking at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference via Fashion Projects.

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