January 22, 2010

I heart vintage gloves

The phrase "fits like a glove" must have lost its meaning en route to our present-day status of baggy mittens and sloppily made gloves. Somewhere along the line, the art of glovemaking seems to have been lost. Take these beautiful vintage gloves, which I picked up for $12 at my favorite antique store upstate. Lapped seams with teeny tiny stitches, diamond gussets between the fingers, and rows of cording on the back for... actually I have no idea why. But the best part is, they really and truly do fit like a glove — skin-tight, but with a full range of motion for every knuckle. It's almost magic.

Today, on the other hand — well, I won't even name the glovemaker that slaps together shoddy gloves for all the big-name New York designers, who use them just because they're the only ones. The. Only. Ones. Back in la vieille France, where they remember how to make beautiful things, the world's sole remaining company that makes vintage-quality gloves is Maison Fabre, which makes the amazing gloves that Chanel keeps churning out season after season. Here's a pair I picked up a while ago from Maison Fabre's own collection, which cost me an awful lot more than $12 at the wonderful No. 6. Here's hoping more people will follow in their footsteps.

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