January 27, 2009

When design and politics go hand in hand

During last year's presidential campaign, I'd been planning to write a post about the superior design of Obama's campaign logo and merchandise, vs. McCain's. But while I was slacking, the Obama juggernaut rolled on to glorious victory, and the association of fantastic design with our socially conscious president has continued: with the drooling coverage of Michelle's wardrobe, the instantaneous rollout of the sleek new White House website, and now the induction (above) of Shepard Fairey's iconic poster into the National Portrait Gallery. Meanwhile, various celebs have been making appearances in Obama-wear, and Refinery29 has assembled a series of pics of Obama street fashion.

In honor, I'd like to call out a couple of nonprofits that have already seen the potential for good design to further social issues:
Housing Works, not only for its website, but for its excellent bookstore/cafe, and for the highly professional merchandising of its thrift stores; and
• Bono's ONE campaign and Product (Red) series.

There must be plenty of other organizations that deserve to make this list - can anyone suggest any other nominees out there?

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