April 30, 2008

Green overload? An eco-fashion roundup.

Well, it's finally coming true: the mainstreaming of sustainability. Maybe the late-blooming spring weather (not to mention Earth Day last week) has everyone thinking about the planet, but it seems like every magazine I read is having a green issue, from JC Report to Metropolis to the NY Times Sunday mag. Which has left me scratching my head the last couple of weeks, wondering what the point of one small blog is amid all of that big-media fuss.

Meanwhile, speaking of mainstream, Rogan of Rogan and Edun fame is doing an eco-collection for Target, which will be available briefly at Barneys. Target showed their Proenza Schouler collection at Opening Ceremony before, but the Barneys thing sounds like a whole new realignment of the eco-fashion cohort.

And although they still haven't gone 100% organic, American Apparel is taking new eco-strides by selling vintage clothes at select stores, to accompany the vintage sunglasses they've been pimping for years; and their Imperfect Collection adds screenprinted stripes and colorblocks to less-than-perfectly sewn tees, saving them from the scrap bin.


Anonymous said...

Love the site , especially vintage sunglasses do you have any pictures?

titania said...

I don't think they'd like me taking pictures inside the store, but American Apparel also sells vintage sunnies on their website. Hands down, though, the best place in New York for vintage shades has to be Fabulous Fanny's in the East Village.