March 3, 2008

Computer recycling? Anyone?

Ever since I moved to New York, I've been seeing old monitors, computers, and especially printers left out on the curbs... and cringed at the thought of the toxic waste headed for the landfills, although a lot of the Chinese electronics recycling plants are said to be even worse. So I'm really embarrassed to admit that today, I added a monitor to the rubbish heap after the Mac guy told me that, at 7 years old, it wasn't worth fixing... and that Apple wouldn't recycle it.

So far, my dearly departed white iBook is still sitting around my apartment (somewhere) waiting for a new hard drive, and my old digicam is consigned to a drawer now that its LCD has gone dark... but this is the first time I can remember that I've actually thrown away a gadget.


In the same store visit, I was informed that since I'd spilled tea on my keyboard, it was also beyond repair. Much as I love Apple's sleekly ingenious designs, I'm a little underwhelmed with their commitment to the environment... if they even have one. Come on, guys: with all your design savvy, you can't design a keyboard to withstand a minor spill?

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Anonymous said...

these things do get recycled.
sometimes you have to locate the firm that does that in your area, but these thing defiantly get recycled, as they are super toxic.
sadly, most of this crap goes to places like china and india, where small kids burn them to extract metals, while breathing all the toxins.
consume less, recycle less, wasteless.