March 16, 2008

Bike tires and books and art, oh my!

It's always fun to see designers other than myself making things out of bike tires and tubes -- for example, Switzerland's tube, following in the footsteps of their better-known compatriots Freitag. But Korean artist Ji Yong Ho takes things way beyond those Nike ads with the creatures made of shoe parts with his massive, rugged, yet somehow wistful bike-tire animal sculptures.

Meanwhile, in the non-bike-tire world, artist Katya Marritz is dog-earing her books to new heights of perfection, creating miniature landscapes with the folded pages. I'd spotted them at fave Brooklyn design shops Cog & Pearl in Park Slope and , and she got a quick mention in Time Out last week. Go Katya!

Speaking of Brooklyn design shops, I just read that Williamsburg's Future Perfect has sprung a cheaper outpost, A&G (why does everything have an ampersand today?), which the owner likens to a cooler Crate and Barrel. I'm off to check it out.

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