December 3, 2007

Featured designer: Worn Again

In trolling the Internet for new eco-designers, it's heartening to see that the ranks are growing. Most are pretty new at the game and haven't developed complete lines, so I'm waiting to feature them; while some, like Terra Plana's Worn Again shoe line, hit the mark with just a few nicely designed styles. While Vans and Converse All-Stars are both vegan and truly iconic, they also have an unfortunate tendency to wear out pretty quickly. Not so eco-friendly once they go into the trash bin! Worn Again's footwear will fill the same streetwear niche in your shoe wardrobe, but they're made out of 99% recycled materials -- which add a sexy rugged look to them, as with the used bike tire outsole on my favorite shoe, the Bike. They're sold at Terra Plana online, as well as in their shops in London's Covent Garden and Nolita in New York.

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