March 27, 2011

New special edition Save Japan top!

As soon as the earthquake hit and the heartrending pictures started pouring out of Japan, I wanted to do something to help, so here it is: the limited-edition Save Japan top, available online in my web store and in New York at End of Century. Based on my U-Neck Tee for Spring 2011, this version is made of 100% Japanese organic cotton herringbone fabric, and the entire retail price minus sewing cost will be donated to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund (to which you can also give directly here).

Since the start of this line, I've been working almost exclusively with Japanese fabrics, because the textile mills there, with generations of experience in weaving cotton, offer unparalleled quality. While adhering to the world's highest standards for organic certification, the Japanese mills are able to create gorgeous fabrics from organic cotton, ranging from stiff, heavy denim to suiting-weight plaids to feather-light shirting — all while mills I've spoken to in other countries have shrugged off organic as impossible to work with because of its short fibers. The craftsmanship and traditional knowledge in Japan are simply irreplaceable, and yet the whole country's future is at stake due to the terrible earthquake two weeks ago.

Save Japan bias tee. Model/Stylist: Francesca Vuillemin

Model: Kioka Williams

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