March 10, 2011

End of Century, or just the beginning...

Stopped by just-opened boutique End of Century on the Lower East Side the other night for their latest art opening, and a reminder of why I love the place so much: beautifully curated art, clothing, and jewelry, all laid out in gorgeously inventive compositions so that the displays are art in and of themselves. It's part of the concept, explain co-owners Chantal Chadwick and Lara Hodulick winningly. But concept is one thing, and execution is another — and they've pulled both off splendidly!

A space-print dress and handmade leather bag hanging at the party.

Gorgeous ruffled black necklace, and I won't even start in about the amazing jewelry in the background. My camera was getting a little tipsy...

One of the racks. The branches came from the flower district, and each hanger is hand-stamped with the store's name. And yes, some of my pieces are hanging back there in the black and grey section!

A work by Seldon Yuan (it was his opening) flanked by various black pendant necklaces, all perfectly composed.

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