April 8, 2010

Featured designer: Martin Greenfield

Martin Greenfield certainly doesn't need my endorsement: If he's not a household name the way Karl Lagerfeld is, it's because he chooses to stay behind the scenes, as the not-so-secret weapon behind young, hip menswear labels including Rag & Bone, Band of Outsiders, and Freemans Sporting Club.

Known far and wide as the master tailor of Brooklyn, Greenfield started out in 1947 as a floor boy at a Bushwick suit factory, and 30 years later bought the factory from his boss, renaming it Martin Greenfield Clothiers. Having reached the pinnacle of his profession, Greenfield hasn't stopped innovating: When T Magazine stopped by his studio last year, he was busily developing a new soft shoulder for a suit he was working on.

In this fantastic video, Greenfield explains how he fits suits to correct for the most asymmetrical of bodies, and how he chooses to employ entire families of immigrants and contributes to his run-down Bushwick neighborhood. At 8 minutes, it's a worthwhile inspiration piece for anyone who designs clothes – or wears them!

Via Racked

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