October 28, 2009

DIY at its best — and worst!

Unlike certain catastrophic Project Runway episodes, this Vogue UK editorial makes recycled fashions look hotter than ever — at least between its covers, as it's hard to imagine how well a paper doily top would hold up in real life (not very, especially as I tend to spill food down my front on a near-daily basis).

In my San Francisco crafty days, I used to be fascinated with each new issue of ReadyMade magazine, as they demoed how to turn a bit of felt into a cool wall-hanging organizer, or hold a wedding in a parking lot strung with Christmas lights. But really, when it came down to it, how many wall shelves made out of books or clocks made of old records could one household possibly use?

Enter Remake It Home, a new bible for the ReadyMade demographic — with a history of recycled design from Duchamp to Arad, and 20 cool projects that come out looking more like quirky Dutch design and less like, well, repurposed household goods. Or maybe it's just their photography that rocks... Still, the few photos I've seen have renewed my faith that reusing discarded goods can look better-than-new, and certainly better than Regretsy.

Via Cool Hunting

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