January 18, 2009

Grease, reincarnated as soap.

Remember in Fight Club, how Brad Pitt made fancy soaps from liposuctioned fat he stole out of dumpsters -- and then sold it back to the same wealthy ladies who had presumably jettisoned the fat in the first place? Possibly one of the creepiest forms of recycling, it came with a sort of poetic justice. Well, Pasadena-based Further operates on a similar principle, though without the yuck factor of human-based soaps. Proprietor Marshall Dostal used to pick up waste grease from restaurants to fuel his car, then one day had a flash of inspiration: the leftover glycerin could be reused to make soap. After some tinkering with the scent, the soap is now on the market -- and being sold back to the restaurants whose grease was used to make it.

via NY Mag; photo via Further

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