June 15, 2008

Plug and play: The Aptera

Reports of the electric car's death may have been greatly exaggerated. For all those who are disappointed that the future hasn't arrived replete with flying cars and Jetsons-style gadgets, here's a car, or at least a car-like vehicle, to add to your wish list. The Aptera, a three-wheeler classified as a "covered motorcycle," is currently in production and will supposedly be rolled out in California later this year, with 1,600 orders already placed. Somehow overcoming the range issues that have plagued previous EV's, this baby can go a respectable 120 miles between charges, and it'll only set you back $29,500 -- and it's a lot less than that, really, if you calculate in never having to buy gas again.

A $500 deposit will ensure you get a place in the queue, but don't even think about selling your spot on eBay -- the folks behind Aptera have already anticipated that, and the answer is No! Bad buyer! (thwack). And later this year, it'll be amazing to see these fishlike forms speeding down Los Angeles' white, elevated highways. It just might look like the future has arrived after all.

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