June 11, 2008

Mass Studies

It's more like form, volume, and material studies, if you ask me. But no matter how you slice it, this innovative Korean architecture firm has created some of the world's most interesting new buildings over the past couple of years. Pictured is the Ann Demeulemeester shop, whose green walls and curvy form caught my eye on a visit to Seoul last month, and since I've seen it featured in no less than Surface mag, as well as Metropolitan Home. Like a green roof, the building's planted walls act as a natural layer of insulation, helping protect the building from heat and cold alike. And like the building's planted walls, which shade from brown to green with the passing of the seasons, the firm's own website gradually changes color in your browser. Also entertaining is the words that scroll through the white blank on mouseover -- which reminds me of one of Mass Studies' compatriots, art duo Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries.

Photo via Mass Studies

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