March 11, 2008

Do you know your chicken?

Well, I do, weirdly enough. My bf brought home a chicken in "eco-packaging" (i.e. not styrofoam) that was not only covered with claims about the chicken's wonderful life (Grown without antibiotics! Fed an all-vegetable diet! No added hormones!), but which even had a farm verification number I could enter into the company's website to learn more about my chicken. If Michael Pollan says we're paying a premium at Whole Foods for stories about our food's origin, here was the most detailed story yet.

For the sake of investigative blogging, I typed my chicken's number, 0678, into the appropriate blank on the Murray's website and learned that my chicken was from one of two farms - both of which I could admire via Google Earth. Kauffman Farm turned out to be somewhere in the African Ocean, so I'm betting on Lapp Farm in rural Pennsylvania, seen above.

In the immortal words of Cibo Matto: You got to know your chicken. Then again, I won't really know this chicken until I've eaten it. Will keep you posted...

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