January 2, 2008

FutureFashion: Bringing sustainable style to the runway

It's a measure of how far sustainable style has come that there even was an ecoStyle awards ceremony last month, in Kuala Lumpur of all places. And it's a measure of how small the movement still is (or, if you prefer, of our prescience) that the fashion awards were all given to previous Fade to Green mentions: Stella McCartney, Anna Cohen, and Terra Plana. Kudos to them for blending high fashion with sustainability. Furniture lines Knoll and Q Collection were also honored, along with architect Dr. Ken Yeang.

At ecoStyle, New York-based environmental group Earth Pledge presented their FutureFashion runway show (picture via JC Report), which had its debut at NY Fashion Week. Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam, Karen Walker, Heatherette, and Diane von Furstenberg were among the designers showing looks crafted from sustainable materials. The festivities marked the launch of Earth Pledge's latest book, FutureFashion White Pages, a collection of essays by prominent designers meant as a sort of how-to guide for sustainable style. The book is fourth in a series, joining the group's Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Cuisine White Pages.

From the Earth Pledge website:
Sustainable fashion is within reach and need not limit the range and quality of products that designers can offer, from couture to sportswear to home furnishings. By promoting eco-friendly products such as organic cotton, organic wool, corn fibers, recycled fabrics, biopolymers, natural dyes to industry and consumers, we can prove that style and sustainability can coexist - creating market demand and improving our environment and health.

Right on! Earth Pledge is cooking up a new FutureFashion show for the upcoming NY Fashion Week in February, and we're looking forward to it already.

via JC Report, PSFK

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