December 8, 2007

Listmania: How to waste less food

Following up on the food waste posting, here's a handy -- and easy to implement -- list from the Guardian UK that'll help you waste less food:

· Use a shopping list.
· Use a measure or mug to avoid cooking too much pasta and rice.
· Keep food in the fridge.
· Use airtight boxes.
· Use your freezer more imaginatively. Fresh tomatoes can be frozen and ice cube trays are handy for freezing herbs and stock.
· Use ageing fruit by juicing it.
· Use cooked leftovers to create new meals, such as bubble and squeak.

The shopping list is a great idea, but I'm not too sure about the bubble and squeak; my own favorite dish to make with leftovers is okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake whose name translates as "whatever you want." But then, tacos and quesadillas are always a great use of pre-cooked meat...

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