December 27, 2007

Anti-products: The Compact

Two years ago, a small group of friends in San Francisco got together and made a collective New Year's resolution: For the year of 2006, they would not buy any new products, except for food, drink, health and safety necessities. The rest they'd have to buy used, barter, or borrow. After one successful, media-laden year, the 10 founders extended their vows -- and their blog -- to a second year, and now, at the close of 2007, their little pact has grown into a real movement. Their Yahoo! group has over 8,500 members from the US, Hong Kong, Mexico, and other reaches, all of whom have signed on to the same. Less extreme than freeganism, more committed than the various online sustainability pledges we've discussed before, The Compact seems like a great middle ground for those who are serious about sustainable living but have already switched to fluorescent bulbs.

For a charming, in-depth write-up, check out Good Magazine...

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