November 7, 2007

Bottled water goes green? Don't buy it...

So after all the hoo-ha about bottled water being bad for the environment (lots of wasted bottles, lots of transportation) and for your teeth (no fluoride!), it seems the bottled water industry is trying to get some green cred. Fiji Water, notorious for its hideous bottles and for actually shipping its water a zillion miles from Fiji, has announced plans to go carbon negative as well as to help preserve rainforests in Fiji. Which is great and all, but... guys, just keep doing the good things and go into a different industry.

For everyone else -- it's not that hard to avoid buying bottled water. Remember the days when we all drank tap water? It wasn't that bad. But if you really can't stomach that slightly chlorinated flavor, a Brita pitcher and a Sigg bottle will do wonders for your water supply. And Sigg has some sweet new designs out: flatter bottles that'll fit nicely into your bag.

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