October 29, 2007

Dutch green

In honor of Dutch Design week, a couple of my favorite eco-designs from Netherlandish designers:

Piet Hein Eek's series of scrap wood furniture. Scruffy, rustic, and yet somehow modern in their simplicity, they're a great way to reuse all that wasted construction material piled on the street.

Before Tord Boontje became the go-to guy for fairy tale-like cutouts, he came out with the 1998 Rough and Ready series, a line of furniture that was easy to make from... guess what? Scrap wood! The instructions for making the pieces yourself are on his website.

[On a non-Dutch, scrap wood note: The Future Perfect in Williamsburg has scrap wood furniture by Brooklyn designers; and for an amazing trend in recycling whole houses, check out this NY Times article.]

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